I had the pleasure of being mentored by Otis as I transitioned from the military. Otis has an exceptional ability to extract lessons from general conversations, and then use those lessons to guide you on your path. His advice is insightful and clear. Otis made a significant impact in my life over the past many months - he's a great coach and mentor! 

William Marm

Senior Project and Operations Manager • TS/SCI • williammarm@gmail.com • 719-460-6498

March 1, 2019, William was a client of Otis’

Otis is the consummate professional. He is dedicated to helping others raise their bar. He's also a serious strategist who understands the bigger picture. I trust him.

John T. Krotec, CPD

Humankind Advocate | Prosperity Disciple | Founder | Veteran | Provocateur | CEO | GreenZone Hero | Task Force Zen

May 16, 2018, John T. worked with Otis but at different companies



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